List of materials

Slava will be working in oils during the workshop but you are welcome to use acrylic, tempera, or gouache based on your personal preference.

For your reference here you can find the pallet that Slava uses:

Titanium and zinc white
Cobalt blue
Cerulean blue
Royal blue
Crome oxide
Emerald green or phtalo green
Cobalt green light
Cobalt green dark
Yellow ochre
Golden ochre
Red ochre
Burnt umber
Red cadmium dark and light
Cadmium orange
Cadmium yellow medium or dark
Cadmium lemon yellow
Alizarin crimson
Different sizes flat hog bristle brushes
Palette knives (bigger and smaller one)
Dammar varnish
Plein Air easel
Rags, kitchen paper
Painting panels or stretched canvas no bigger than 30x40cm